Comercializadora Juso Impo MéxicoFor all our customers who are not registered in the IMPORTERS HALL, with our MARKETER you can IMPORT GOODS TO MEXICO without any problem.

Once the merchandise is released from the customs of Mexico you will obtain the corresponding invoice that covers the purchase of your merchandise and your completely legal entry into the country. COMMERCIALIZER JUSO, is responsible for all the processes of both the acquisition of its merchandise abroad, the payment to suppliers, as well as the procedures and certifications that are required according to the type of merchandise that you wish to import.

All expenses corresponding to: FREIGHT, INSURANCE, MANEUVERS, CUSTOMS CLEARANCE, etc.) will have to be previously deposited.

At the end of the operation, YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR INVOICE with all the expenses broken down; VAT paid at customs is deductible.


  • When natural or legal persons have no experience of how to start importing.
  • When the general import register is not available.
  • When these types of foreign trade operations are required, either once or when their frequency of purchases or shipments is low.
  • When you do not want to process the import standard.

For the above reasons, the hiring of a COMMERCIALIZER TO IMPORT MEXICO is a priority.

Strategy and planning

  • It should be noted that LOGISTICS AND CUSTOMS MANAGEMENT in these cases will be carried out by our professionals in international trade; so that the products are transported efficiently in a timely manner, from the door of the international supplier to the door of the buyer.
  • The use of the commercializer guarantees compliance with the TARIFF and NON-TARIFF RESTRICTIONS for the legal entry of merchandise from abroad into national territory, since at the head of the operation is a customs team advising the importer’s hand.

Accounting profit

At the end of the IMPORTATION TO MEXICO made through the service of our marketer, your invoice is generated, your invoice completely valid and applicable in your accounting. That is, at the end of the day there are no major obligations to meet before customs or the SAT.

IMPORTS, COMMERCIALIZER JUSO, not only supports you in your IMPORT PROJECTS, it also guides you step by step in the CUSTOMS CLEARANCE PROCESS, we import for you in a safe, effective and reliable way. Our professionals in CUSTOMS PROCESS MANAGEMENT are always at your disposal.