CUSTOMS SERVICES IN MEXICO working professionally, to meet all your needs for IMPORT, EXPORT, INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS.

Servicios Aduanales Juso Impo MéxicoOur integral logistics and customs processes and procedures are the direct result of years of experience and continuous improvement. Our sole purpose is to provide you with the best of services with personalized attention and total professionalism.

IMPORT or EXPORT your merchandise through the CUSTOMS AGENCY JUSO is a guarantee of total satisfaction.

Import your merchandise to Mexico without mishaps and get your corresponding invoice that I covered them.

We process your Sector Register for import or export of sensitive goods. TEXTILES, WINES AND DISTILLATES, MACHINERY, ELECTRONICS, SHOES.

International logistics for the importation of your merchandise: CONTAINERIZED LOAD / AIR / GROUND / MULTIMODAL

Your safe goods from beginning to end with us. Do not take risks! We advise you for the best choice of your insurance policies.

We have a wide range of additional services to complement and consolidate your IMPORTATION and EXPORT GOODS operations. Our professionals in CUSTOMS CLEARANCE at your service.

We offer you the necessary processing and regulations regarding COMMERCE AND CUSTOMS, so that your merchandise complies with all the documentation and legal permits before the different government agencies in Mexico.


To be one of the most important integral foreign trade services companies in Mexico, which supports our clients to generate success in their operations through unmatched service and attention and compliance with current legislation.


To provide a comprehensive service to our clients in their foreign trade operations, as well as in the other additional services to foreign trade that we offer to achieve their full satisfaction, generating low costs and efficiencies in time, and offering added value as a constant; achieving the exponential growth of the country’s foreign trade.



JUSO CUSTOMS SERVICES, the best supplier of CUSTOMS SERVICES IN MEXICO. We have a wide portfolio of customs and logistics services to meet the needs of all our customers, SMEs, INDUSTRY, IMPORTERS FOR THE FIRST TIME.

100% personalized attention from beginning to end verifiable, you as our client will know that JUSO CUSTOMS AGENCY is your best ally and business partner in Mexico.