juso importaciones logo immex 3CUSTOMS AGENCY JUSO has the authorization to make IMPORTS THROUGH THE IMMEX PROGRAM, with this we offer our clients a wide service and options to enhance their foreign trade operations.

Let us be your supplier of CUSTOMS SERVICES and INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS, and through the IMMEX program contribute to your business consolidation commercially and economically successfully in the different markets where you offer your services or products.


(IMMEX) Industria Manufacturera, Maquiladora y de Servicios de Exportación.

IMMEX IMPORTS are the facility granted by the government through its prior authorization by the same to carry out the different industrial processes such as: Manufacture, Maquilar or services for the production or processing, transformation or repair of goods from abroad , IMPORTED TEMPORARILY and subsequently returned to the country of origin.

The objective of the IMMEX program is to increase and promote exports and access to international markets by Mexican companies, in addition to promoting the modernization of the country’s productive infrastructure.

Benefits when importing products through the IMMEX program.

  • The general import tax (IGI-tariff-advalorem) is not paid.
  • The value added tax (VAT) is not paid.
  • There is no payment of compensatory fees.
  • Reduction of the Customs Processing Fee (DTA), from 8% to a thousand.
  • There is no VAT payment on national purchases.
  • Ease of making virtual requests.
  • Preparation of consolidated import orders.
  • Obtain the VAT refund, when there is a balance in favor in the declarations, within a period not exceeding 20 business days.
  • A Sector Promotion Program (PROSEC) will be authorized simultaneously.
  • The registration of importers will be automatically registered, without the need to carry out the process.

CUSTOMS AGENCY JUSO, supports you through the IMMEX PROGRAM with first level CUSTOMS SERVICES for all its import and export operations and consolidate its products worldwide.