Importation of Wine to Mexico


Wine is a product that by itself is an exciting topic from its elaboration to consumption and the circumstances that surround it, and the IMPORT LOGISTICS that must be carried out for its TRANSPORTATION, IMPORT, STORAGE AND DISTRIBUTION.

In Mexico it is classified into different tariff fractions, which indicate what type of tariff restrictions must be met both for general import tax (IGI) and for specific products and services tax (IEPS), as well as the official Mexican standard that must be labeling to display the public at points of sale for adults.

Mexico has signed commercial treaties, 12 of which include wine products and producers, so this treaty benefits the importer in the subject of tax savings by having the benefit of 0% of IGI.

On the issue of security, it is important to have the security tags provided by the Secretary of Finance and Public Credit through the SAT. This logo and QR code helps identify national product and imported product, which at the point of sale helps the consumer to have the information regarding the WINE IMPORT for their own safety in consumption.

The wine is a very desired product, it is one of the products that few carriers have in their catalog of products to which they refuse the service of drag of the customs to their warehouses. In addition, what is a product that requires special conditions for transport, for example, refrigerated equipment or equipment that keeps the temperature stable in its transportation.

In summary, for the importation of wine into Mexico it is important to have a company capable of generating a logistics strategy that includes care, product protection, safety, and the ability to label and the official Mexican labeling standard.

At CUSTOMS AGENCY 4PL , we have what is necessary to support you in the importation of wine ensuring the arrival of your product where you require it to enjoy it.

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