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For the import of textile, it is mandatory to comply with the regulations and non-tariff restrictions (RRNA) to which all textile are subject, due to ignorance of these standards, garments fall into disrepair before customs or cause significant delays in time of delivery of which payments for delays and storage can be generated.

As a result of the increase in textile imports derived from the low cost offered by suppliers abroad, the federal government through the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, originated strategies and procedures to counteract the impact on the national textile industry that could cause this unfair practice by textile manufacturers abroad, better known in the middle as dumping.

Next, 4PL Customs Agency briefly explains the process of IMPORTING TEXTILES TO MEXICO according to the regulations in force regarding the textile sector.

  • Check with a customs agent specialized in textiles (4PL Customs Agency is an expert in it), the tariff fraction that will correspond to the product, you will need to provide us with photos and detailed composition of the fabric.
  • To have a standard of importers and a standard of sectorial importers (textile), the standard should be counted when the tariff fraction to be imported between Chapters 50 to 63 of the TIGIE.
  • Check if the product is subject to an estimated price, (if you do not have the standard of importers 4PL Customs Agency through our distributor makes it possible to import your textiles and we will finally deliver your invoice that legally protects the merchandise in Mexico).
  • In case of having the list of importers, the difference between the unit value of the merchandise included in the invoice and the estimated price established by the SHCP must be guaranteed through the customs account.
  • Confirm if an automatic permit is required, it is important to mention that it will only apply if it is a definitive import and if the unit price of merchandise is lower than the estimated price. The permit will be valid for 60 days from its issuance.
  • Comply with the official Mexican standard: NOM-004-SCFI-2006, Commercial information-Labeling of textile products, clothing, accessories and household clothing.

To comply with the NOM-004-SCFI-2006 standard, the importer may choose different options:

  • Label through us Customs Agency 4PL the merchandise that does not comply with the NOM, within the fiscal enclosure.
  • To make a request for verification for the UVA, in order to carry out the labeling compliance opinion in the importer’s premises, it is a priority to emphasize that for this step the importer must work together with the verification unit to that the labeling is ready in less than 15 days, approximately.
  • Another option if you have a good relationship with your textile supplier, is that you could request to send the labeled merchandise in such a way that it complies with this rule, which could save time.

Depending on the option selected will be the costs and times.

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